I was thinking of writing a _very simple_ graphing program - enter an
expression and php will generate an image with the graph on it, I didn't
want to spend too much time parsing the expression up and seeing if there's
a division or anything else that may cause an error/warning [eg tan(PI/2),

I know there's probably loads of code already written to do what I'm
thinking of doing, but there's no substitute in starting from scratch and
getting something working yourself.... :)

Thanks Torben, that helped.


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You really need to do some error checking on the denominator.
$num = 5;
$den = 0;

echo $den != 0 ? $num/$den : "0";

A number divided by zero isn't defined, so you have to circumvent the
situation by making sure it never happens.

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On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Martin Towell wrote:

> Is there a way to suppress division by zero errors?
> echo 5/0;  // this give a warning - obviously!!
> @echo 5/0;  // this gives a parse error
> echo @5/0;  // this still comes up with a warning
> unless I turn error_reporting off before and turn it back on afterwards,
> I don't want to do that unless I REALLY have to
> Martin

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