use the:

<? header("Location:;

MAKE SURE header is used before any code that outputs anything, other wise
it won't work (as header sends additional HTTP header commands).

Alternatively the frameset could just be sent back to browser (i.e. make
your frameset dynamic (if user valid then outpust frameset etc)  - and
thereby more secure - as some can't just bypass your script to get to the
frameset directly.

Hope that helps


"Benjamin Deruyter" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> This is a PHP newbie trying to figure something out.
> I am creating a web-app which begins with a login page and goes through
> typical user/pass validation and upon success moves to a frameset where
> application will run.  The action of the login form is act_login.php.  In
> that script I validate the user/pass and, upon validation, include() the
> frameset script.  However, I would rather redirect the browser to the
> frameset script.  In other words I want to progression to go like this...
> login form --> successful login (determined by act_login.php) --> redirect
> browser to app frameset
> This scenario is probably swimming in technicalities, and I'm probably
> fine using the include() statement.  However, I guess my overall question
> is... is there a way to redirect the browser to a new URL (eg. php script)
> inside something as simple as an if/then statement?
> Thanks!

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