On Friday 01 February 2002 08:49, Erik Price wrote:
> You're filling out your online web form.  Unfortunately, you forgot to
> fill out/check/select some data or other that is considered "required"
> by the site that's hosting the form.  You hit "submit", but you are
> simply returned to the same page.  All of the data that you entered is
> still there, but the fields which you accidentally left blank are marked
> with a big red asterisk.


> I can write this code myself -- but I write pretty sloppy code and was
> wondering if there is a neat, encapsulated algorithm that a lot of
> people use because its effectiveness has been proven time and again.  If
> not, no worries, I look forward to writing it as best I can.

There are a number of classes on www.phpclasses.upperdesign.com which does 
what you want.

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