Greetings. I am wondering about the status of the multithreaded PHP for
the multithreaded Apache. In particular, I'd like to know
a) if Apache 2 is a single-process server (as opposed to Apache 1.x which
forks a new process for a new request)

b) if PHP will work, or does work, with Apache 2 in this mode

c) how database connection pooling will work with a single http/php
multithreaded server process

d) if maybe integrating php with a servlet engine as described in

allows you to use connection pooling via jdbc or something . . . ?

I am asking because connection pooling as it works now with persistent
connections is pretty awkward, and leads me to look with envy on the
Aolserver/TCL crowd . . . (I like PHP and see no reason to switch to TCL
except for the connection pooling issue).

Regards, Frank

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