one thing i really love in perl is the block eval {} structure, which is 
similar to try/catch/throw in java and other languages.

i'm missing it a lot in php.  is there a way to simulate it?

for instance, say i have a bunch of database commands.  in perl, i would do 
something like (pseudocode):

eval {
   db_connect() or die "connection failed";
   set auto raise errors on db connection;
   select statement;
   insert statement;

   and so on...
if ($@) { print "db error in block: $@" }

the idea being that if any of the commands in the block fail, the database 
package automatically does a die("") and the block is terminated.

the nearest i could get with php is:

do {
   mysql_query("UPDATE ...");
   if (mysql_error()) { $error.="Couldn't update: ". mysql_error(); break; }

   mysql_query("SELECT ...");
   if (mysql_error()) { $error.="Couldn't select: ". mysql_error(); break; }

   and so on....
} while (0==1);

if ($error) { do error stuff }
else { it worked }

it's ugly and there's a lot of extra checking of mysql_error and the like.

has anybody figured out a better way?


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