I've got a fairly basic website content management system I'm working on,
and I've got the data split up in MySQL by the following: a few columns for
identifiers like language, section and unique keyname, a column for a
component name and a column for the relevant content for that component.  As

|  component  |       content      |
|     foo     |       123456       |
|     bar     |       654321       |

Assuming I've got the right sql statement here (it just looks for the rows
that match the section and subsection provided earlier in the script):

$sql = "SELECT FROM $table_name
        WHERE sec = '$sec' AND
        WHERE subsec = '$subsec' AND
        WHERE name = '$name'
        ORDER BY component

What can I do to end up with a variable for each component/content pair,
with the variable named with the value of the component, and assigned the
value of the content?:

$foo = 123456;
$bar = 654321;

Is there a simple way to do this?


James Hallam

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