why would you need cygwin am i missing something? there's Win32 binaries availiable 
for apache
check out: http://www.apache.org/dist/httpd/binaries/win32/

as for running it as a module for Apache(Win32), check this out: 

many people prefer using the CGI option under Apache(Win32) thou...
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I am very new to both windows and PHP (coming from a solaris
environment), so please excuse me if the answer is glaringly obvious.

I have built and installed apache (1.3.23) on a windows 2000
Professional (SP2, build 2195) box with cygwin (1.3.9, I believe). The
build supports many of the modules included with apache and supports
shared objects. Some of the modules are built as shared objects.

Is there a way to use the win32 binaries with apache? I keep getting a
win32 error when apache tries to dlopen the php module.

If not, how can I build php 4.1.1 as a shared object for apache? Please
assume no knowledge on my part.


Stephano Mariani

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