Why is it that you want to represent an int with leading 0's?  Is it just 
to print it out that way?  If that is the case, then you can use the printf 
function for formatted printing.


At 10:53 AM 2/2/2002 +0100, Andy wrote:
>Hi guys,
>I am trying to force a int to be 8 digits. If it is only 3 dig filling the
>first ones with 0.
>Anyhow I tryed it with type casting, but it does not matter what I try, I
>always get an addition.
>   $member_id is: 136
>    should be: 00000136
>Here is the code, which is still returning 136:
>    for($i=0;$i<count($member_id);$i++){
>        $length = strlen($member_id[$i]);
>         settype ($member_id[$i], "string");
>         $zero = '0';
>         settype ($zero, "string");
>         $member_id[$i] = $zero + $member_id[$i];
>         echo $member_id[$i];
>    }
>Does anybody know how to solve this thing??
>Thanx Andy

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