I was looking a way to fill a forms on line and send them over via the server.

 Found a good(in my mind) and simple php mail skript

 from http://open.appideas.com/phpMailForm/source.php


 I managed to get it working. In my form there is a upload the the file section.

 like this:

 <FORM name="your_file" value="2000000"><input name="attachment" type="file">

 with max value of 2megs.

 It's not working. Pecause Im absolutely new in this I dont have a any idea how to

 implement attachment part into this script.Original script is here:



 $MailToAddress = [EMAIL PROTECTED];

 $MailSubject = "Equipment Posting";

 if (!$MailFromAddress) {

 $MailFromAddress = [EMAIL PROTECTED];


 $Header = "";

 $Footer = "";



 <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

 <font face="Arial"><center>

 The following information has been delivered:




 if (!is_array($HTTP_POST_VARS))



 while(list($key, $val) = each($HTTP_POST_VARS)) {

 $GLOBALS[$key] = $val;


 echo "<b>$key</b> = $val<br>";

 $Message .= "$key = $val\n";



 if ($Header) {

 $Message = $Header."\n\n".$Message;



 if ($Footer) {

 $Message .= "\n\n".$Footer;



 mail( "$MailToAddress", "$MailSubject", "$Message", "From: $MailFromAddress");



 <b>Thank You!</b>


 <a href="<? echo "$HTTP_REFERER"; ?>">Return To The Mail Form</a><br><br>

 <a href="/">Home Page</a><br><br>


 I dont know if I'm explained correctly so please excuse me.

Can anybody help please.


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