I've a little PHP script that waits for commands and reply to them, it's 
setup to run from inetd, and so acts as a server.
  My problem is that I want to limit the time this script will wait for a 
command (in this case, a line, read by fgets), but set_time_limit seems to 
only count the time PHP spends executing the script, and not the time it 
waits for a line to be read, like the manual describes it.
  Is there a way to limit the time fgets will wait for a line, or another way 
to solve this problem? Any help is appreciated!
  Below I've attached part of my script.



$sin = fopen("php://stdin", "r");

while (1)
        // I need to limit the time fgets will wait for a line to be read.
        $cmd = fgets($sin, 4096);
        echo "Cmd: $cmd\n";


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