My service provider has migrated from V4.0.1?? (not sure of exact version
because itís history) to V4.0.6.

Under V4.01?? I was using FastTemplate and it worked fine now under 4.06 I
am getting the following error. Warning: Invalid content of \{\} in
FastTemplate/class.FastTemplate.php3 on line 213. I am aware of and have
implemented the FastTemplate patch for version 4 (I had to before this
upgrade took place). Also I tested my parsing script on two other servers I
work on, one with Ver 4.0.4pl1 and another with V 4.06. Both of the other
environments execute FastTemplate with no complications.

Since Iím no expert on the installation of PHP Iím not sure what to tell my
service provider other that ďMy Scripts Donít Work Any MoreĒ. Any advice on
phrasing this complaint would be helpful.

Chris Williams

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