Well, although this won't wait until exactly when the image creation is 
done, you could use a meta refresh tag to refresh to your new page after a 
certain number of seconds...

Create a php page with whatever code you need, and then have something like 
<meta http-equiv= "refresh" content="5;URL='targetpage.php'">
<title>Please Wait</title>
Please wait...

This example would wait 5 seconds before loading targetpage.php.


At 10:00 PM 2/3/2002 +0100, Andy wrote:
>Hi guys,
>I would like to display something like: "please wait, uploading" while I am
>doing a image creation which takes a while.
>After the work is done, it should redirect to another page displaying
>something like upload ok.
>As far as I know the HEADER location satement is only valid if there is no
>output in front. So I can't just echo the sentence.
>Does anybody know the trick?
>Thanx for your help.
>Cheers Andy

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