This is my first time attempting to use htaccess files. I am running Apache
1.3.20 with PHP v4.0.6 installed as a module. Within Apache's httpd.conf
file I have the following value set:

AccessFileName apache.htaccess

And within an 'Alias' directory I have a file entitled 'apache.htaccess'
which contains the following:

<IfModule mod_php4.c>
    php_value include_path = ".;C:/My/PHP/Dir"

What I am attempting to do is alter PHP's include path 'on the fly' rather
than specifying an overall value within php.ini. The problem I have though
is that the 'include_path' value does not appear to be picked up. Am I
using htaccess files correctly or do I need to alter some other values
within Apache's httpd.conf file??

Any help much appreciated.


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