I don't know if what I'm trying to do is going to work this way.

I have three servers that I need to fetch data from. To do this, I
have set allow_url_fopen to On, and I use fopen to retrieve the data
into a variable. This works on two servers.

The third server requires cookies (you get redirected to a login
server if no cookie is sent, and I get a warning "URL - success" on
the screen, followed by the if(!$file) test returning true) - and,
even if the user has the cookie set - I don't see how to send it with
an fopen call.

I've tried using the virtual() function - that works (sends the
cookie), but prints straight away - this is awkward because I'm
halfway thru building up a larger html buffer.

So - is it possible to send a cookie up with fopen, or, if not, how do
I go about getting a remote file that requires one?


Chris Searle

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