I have made a simple IMAP mail checker. IT doesn't let you read the mail,
just lets you see the headers and delete messages.  I have it working great
running under Apache 1.3.22 and PHP 4.1.1 on Windows XP. All of the IMAP
functions work as expected.   The problem is when I take the same php files
and put the on a Linux machine with the same versions of Apache and PHP,
with IMAP enabled on RedHat 7.2, I get the following error.
Warning: Couldn't open stream {myserver:143}INBOX in
/usr/local/apache/htdocs/imap/connect.php on line 43

After that I get errors because the stream wasn't opened so other IMAP
functions don't have a valid pointer.  Those I can handle.  Does anyone know
what would be different between Linux and Windows?  I need this to work
under Linux more than Windows.  The machine is trying to connect to the IMAP
server because a TCP/IP dump shows traffic to that server when the page is
loaded.  I am able to verify that the machine will connect to the server,
because I can telnet in and get all of the same information manually. If
there is some way that the Linux version encrypts the username and or
password, that might cause it, but that is not documented anywhere.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

-Chris Sim

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