I had found a way around the problem and it work, but when I enabled the
web security features, it messed up.  So, with some debugging and I found
the problem and I'm not sure how to find a way around it.  You see ....

    I use page1.php to do certain features but the problem is that PHP
execution get done before the file (non-PHP programming) in passthru('...')
get done later.  So, I can't get the result before PHP finish executing.
There, I came up with the Javascript where the non-PHP scripting can spit
out the Javascript code and the Javascript take care of it.  It work so
well.  To my dismay, the PHP pick up the HTTP_REFERER doesn't work because
HTTP_REFERER was all blank when Javascript use "location.replace('');" code.
So, it messed up the webpage.  Is there a way to get the HTTP_REFERER code?
Or a different Javascript code?  I mean there's no way to get the PHP
execution to pause while the non-PHP programming get done first.  Is there?


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