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> I'm trying to validate an input form, for database INSERT/UPDATE.  I'm
> looking for a couple of Techniques and I cant seem to find examples
> anywhere:
> 1. Validate Alpha Text with spaces, such as NAME, CITY, STATE, but limit
> length of each one separately, and remove unwanted characters like
> '@!"$%^&*() etc that might mess with the SQL.

Alright, clearup before you insert. That's my first bit of advice.....
Here's a function for you.

function ClearUnwanteds($string) {
    $string = preg_replace("/[^a-zA-Z0-9 ]/", $string);
    $string = trim($string);
    return $string;

This will replace (when invoked, like this: $string =
ClearUnwanteds($string) ) the characters you don't want, and then trim the
string.  Then you can do:

if (strlen($string) < /*enter minimum characters*/) {
// error

> 2. As above but alphanumeric with spaces etc. for say ADDRESS1 ADDRESS2
> POSTCODE, etc.

Hmm.. isn't that what you wanted for your previous problem?

> 3. Validate DATE/TIME input to DD-MM-YYYY HH:MM:SS or D-M-YYYY H:M:S, or
> combination, but only allow valid dates and times, or as close to it as
> possible.

You should pick a format, and stick to it, then form a function around the
format you've chosen - or look up some classes available for use on the net.
Since you're storing the data in a MySQL database, you may as well check the
date in the format it's stored in your db in the date (YYYY-MM-DD) or
datetime (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) formats MySQL uses.... I would go for select
boxes with the day, month and year specified, then use something like
checkdate() to check the date.... on these variables, then "merge" them
(can't think of a better word) to form your date - i.e.

if (CheckDate($month, $day, $year)) {
// -- if ok, $date = $year . "-" . $month . "-" . $day;
} else {
// failure

 I have formed some functions that I've made available (somewhere), if you
need them I can probably drag them out and give you the urls.

> 4. Validate MONEY input...numeric with 2 decimal places only.

What currency?  You're using a UK email address, but you've specified
"STATE" in one of your other regex "wanteds", which is more typical of the
US address format.

> Also, what is the best way to allow some fields to be empty, like
> but if they have data, then validate it.

if (!emtpy($field)) {
// perform validation.


> I've tried several times to do these myself using eregi, but when I test
> the validation fails in some way...I'm shooting in the dark tho, and don't
> really understand regex just yet, or probably the majority of PHP for that
> matter.

Well, ok. But that's what you're here for, right? :)

> Thankfully I've got an email one... it was easy to find, since that's what
> all examples are geared for.  My application is for updating a DB with
> and I cant find anything suitable.

Then your'e looking in the wrong places (and more specifically, looking at
things from the wrong perspective - regex's can be applied to pretty much
anything (though, there are occassions when using them is overkill))!

> If there is any other advice for data input into DB's regarding security,
> I'd really to hear it.

bvr's advice is good - read up on what he's suggested. :) Oh, and there are
the manual entries (for which I've forgotten the addresses).

Good luck!


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