i believe you're meant to serialise objects and then register the serialised
version?? Don't quote me on that, never used sessions, but I didn't
read/hear it somewhere


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What is the proper way to transfer class properties through-out my pages...

let's say i have a ShoppingCart Class and i have methods like
addToCart(id, qty) and deleteFromCart(id)
also i have properties like CartItems("id" => array(), "qty"=> array())

this is what i do...

//when the user enters my site, i do some...
if (!session_is_registered("myCart")){
    $myCart = new ShoppingCart();
    .... (some other stuffs...)
else {
    $myCart = new ShoppingCart();

if the object in the session is not present
i would create an instance and then register 
it to the session.
else if it is present, i would just reconstruct it...
because if i don't, even though it is in the 
sessions, the properties and methods are 
not constructed (no handler, i don't know how 
to call it).

my code works, but is there any other way
to do this, because i think it's kinda slow.... 

another question, is it ok to have a database-driven
shopping cart? i make use of the database to as the 
actual cart holder?

i need your opinions on these....


Brian Feliciano

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