I am working on a page the displays the output of a query in a table and
I only want to show the field labels that have corresponding output from
the database. I am only really concerned with the last label in the

The label is called "Notes" and the corresponding field in the database
is "memberNotes" 

So I wrote the following script where I think I am saying if memberNotes
returns any value then print the output of $notes in the table cell
where it is called, but nothing happens and the output of $notes is not
displayed regardless whether "memberNotes" has any output.

<?php If ($memberNotes =='1') {
  $notes = "<div align=\"/left\"/><font
 }    else {
  $notes = "<div align=\"/left\"/><font

In the table cell I placed the following

<?php print $notes; ?>

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong??

Thanks for the help


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