You're server will only parse PHP files that come from your server's doot
cirectory or one of the virtualhost root directories, and then only when
called through the right protocol.  If you call a file directly from a drive
(in this case, F), you aren't accessing it through the server, and therefore
are not parsing the file because the server never sees it.

The reason standard HTML works that way is because HTML is browser parsed.
The browser makes the decision.  PHP is server-parsed, and then sends across
the correct headers to force the browser into printing the output as HTML or
XML or whatever is being sent.

Try changing your $CFG->dirroot to a values based on your server root or a
vhost root (for whichever site the script below is for).

Mike Frazer

"Morten Nielsen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I have a link on my page that looks like this:
> $CFG->dirroot= "f:/Inetpub/wwwroot/mymarket2";
> <a href="<?=$CFG->dirroot?>/login.php">Login</a>
> The link is displayed right on my page, but when I press it a dialog box
> saying that I am downloading the php file and wether I want to open or
> it.
> Can anybody tell me what is wrong?
> Thanks,
> Morten

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