I have a PHP script that displays a form.  On one section of the form, there is a drop 
down menu followed by a few text boxes.  I'd like to alter the values of the text 
boxes when the user changes the selection in the dropdown menu.

What I've done is create 10 arrays (the drop down menu has 10 items hence one array 
per item).  Each time the user changes the selection in the drop down menu, I figure 

a) save the current variables to the array corfresponding to the old selection
b) fill the text boxes with vales of the array corresponding to the new selection

Is this possible using PHP?  I figure that since PHP is server side, I will have to 
use JavaScript to provide some of the functionality I require but how do I set and 
access PHP variables from JavaScript?

If the above is not workable, Is there another way I can accomplish this?

Thanks in advance,

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