Hello again Peter,

I describe my reply below.

> I must run it as Apache module.  Can someone tell me how do I change
> the setting to run as an APACHE module instead?

I'll be replying to this question in a Windows Operating System setting. You
have 2 option in installing PHP as in Win OS, either to use the executable
installer less than 1MB file size or to use the zip file almost 4MB file
size (I recommend to use the zip file installer since its more complete
interms of modules and othre dlls).

Unzipped the zip file into any directory you want then just read and follow
the instruction found on the install.txt file. The install.txt file also
indicated how to install PHP as a module on Apache, a minor changes on the
httpd.conf must be made. The install.txt file will tell you how.

Until then....


Ryan F. Bayhonan

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