Yes, this is possible.

However you would need to connect to the users mailserver instead of just the domain.

Use getmxrr() to retrieve the mail exchanger associated with the domain.

To check if the user is accepted on that server you can issue a RCPT TO: command
on it and see what happens.

Also you can use a local SMTP server that supports the VRFY (verify) command to check
if the address is accepted.

Google for 'RFC SMTP' for more details on the SMTP protocol.


On Wed, 6 Feb 2002 11:05:31 +0100, B. Verbeek wrote:

>Is it possible to validate an e-mailaddress by opening a socket-connection
>to the specified domein ( and then search for username
>([EMAIL PROTECTED]) to validate an e-mailaddress?
>I know how to set up a socket-connection, but how do I search for the user
>in the given domain?
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