On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Thomas Franz wrote:

>-i hope this is the right group for my question.
>-i've written a php-program with a ftp-connection to a mysql database.
>-now there is one problem. the local network has a firewall. Now, if i try to
>-connect to the database via ftp there is an error.
>-There are no problems if i try to connect from a place without firewall.
>-What must i do to go through the firewall.

Hmmm, well, FTP through a firewall requires some kind of "openness" on
ports 20 and 21.  Just port 20 is fine if you use passive mode to transfer

I have to ask, how can you connect to a mysql database (which I assume is
on port 3306) using an ftp connection?  I realize you can instruct ftp to
connect to 3306 (which would then require the firewall pass traffic on
3306), but why would this ever be preferable to using the usual connect
methods in PHP?

In any case, check that your firewall passes port 21 out, 3306 out and
port 20 in.


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