On Wednesday, February 6, 2002, at 01:06  AM, Zhunbao Zhi wrote:

> if ($need_to_know_your_email) {
>     //popup one window to get the user' email
>     JavaScript:window.open(leave your email address);

insert PHP code to store variable as a session variable here -- will 
require the user to "submit" the popup window's code and call a new page 
within that popup window (easy to do, not particularly quick though).

>     //then i try to get the $emailaddress from the
>     //popup window , for example as $emailaddress
>     echo "your email is $emailaddress\n";
>  }

only problem is that the root page will already have loaded and the new 
$emailaddress variable, although available as a session variable, will 
not have been called as the root page was loaded, so it will not be 
"known" in this instance of the root page.  However, any later loads of 
the root page (or any other page) should have access to the variable.

> I just do not know whether above code can be
> implemented or not, if so, how can i get the email
> address from the popup window?

Sounds like if you don't want to do a lot of form-submitting, you'll 
have to use JavaScript to store/display the variable dynamically on the 
client side.  I don't know how to grab JavaScript variables and use them 
as PHP variables, perhaps someone else on the list can help here.



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