Title: Sending MIME emails with base64 encoded attachments

Hello there

My base64 encoded attachments in MIME emails come corrupted.

I using PHP4 on SuSe Linux.
I'm sending an MIME email (I generatate all the headers and so on) with attachments.
The first part is7bit text, 2nd part is mime-type I get from file and encoding: base64
The file I need to attach I read from disc using $txt=fread($file,filesize($filename)); the file is opened
by $file=fopen($filename,"r").
Then I encode the content with:
and split it with:

When I then send it, the mail arrives, but the attached file (e.g. *.zip) is corrupted.
Attachment is a little bit larger than original.
In original there are #0 (char. ascii 0), in attachment they come as "\0" (#92#48).

Attachments like text files (even with characters behind #127) are OK, they come without any corruption.

I tried to write small test.php, where I just load file, base64_encode it and then base64_decode it, and it's OK.

Seems to me that PHP use "another" base64 coding than all email clients
The way how I read the file is bad, so base64_encode gets a little different data, but is still able to get it back on the local

I don't know :-(

Please, help, if you can.

Many thanks

Petr Svarc

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