If your purpose is to see if an user wrote or selected anything, you can

if (ereg("^[[:blank:]]*$",$_POST['var'])) {
    // It has only spaces

  I am sorry if does not fit your need like I interpreted. But, just for not
getting flamed, !isset() works fine for me on both cases (so far where I


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"Erik Price" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hm.  I hope I'm not opening an old wound:
> Curious about the proper way to test for the existence of a variable, I
> decided to read up on isset() at php.net's function manual pages.  It
> seems at first to be a way to test whether or not a variable has been
> set.
> But reading the annotations below the documentation is mind boggling.
> Back and forth, it seems to go -- and then to find out that one method
> is to be used to test for POSTed variables, and another to be used for
> GETted variables (for $_POST, use "$_POST['var'] !='' ", and for $_GET,
> use "!isset($_GET['var'])").
> Pretty confusing.  Can anyone shed some light on whether or not there is
> a final definite way to do this?  I've used (!($_POST['var'])) with no
> problems in the past, but does good coding style suggest that I use
> (!isset($_POST['var'])) now?
> Erik
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