Tyler Longren wrote:
> PHP could be used for online banking.  Banks use ASP because there is
> software already written in ASP for what they need.  

If that were the case it wouldn't take months of time with dozens of
people working on projects to get the barely  functional.  The software
  banks use at the ASP level is almost always going to be custom written
for them inhouse or outsourced.  There aren't standard ASP banking 
packages.  The software on the backend to connect to their legacy 
systems, perhaps, but there's still going to be much custom integration 
work.  There's no real major time savings between an ASP-proficient 
person developing a project and a PHP-proficient person developing a 

> Also, they use it
> because it's from Microsoft.

Getting warmer.  :)

Generally, in larger institutions, the people making the technology
decisions aren't the same people who have to implement them, so whether
or not it's better to use CF or PHP or JSP or ASP, they simply
go 'MS' because of the name recognition.  I'm not completely discounting
issues of inhouse talent, legacy integration issues, etc., but at the 
end of the day, PHP, ASP, CF, JSP, Perl and others do a couple things:

1.  Take information from a browser
2.  Process it - usually with database calls
3.  Present other information back

To say that one technology is vastly superior to another is just silly. 
  Some have neat hooks/shortcuts, some are faster at execution, some
are better with memory, some have price benefits, but there's nothing 
from the list above that you can do with one that you can't do with another.

Michael Kimsal
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