Morning all ...

        I'm runing Cyrus-IMAPd 2.0.16, Cyrus-SASL 1.5.24 and DB3.2.9 on
several servers, with Horde2/IMP3 installed as a front end ... if I close
my web browser down and restart it, then try to login, *every time* it
will give me:

Feb  7 16:23:41 earth imapd[49380]: login: earth[] cyrus CRAM-MD5 User 
logged in
Feb  7 16:23:41 earth imapd[49380]: badlogin: earth[] CRAM-MD5 
authentication failure [incorrect digest response]
Feb  7 16:23:47 earth last message repeated 2 times

        Without closing the browser, if I try to login a second time, I
then get:

Feb  7 16:26:40 earth imapd[50691]: login: earth[] cyrus CRAM-MD5 User 
logged in

        And I'm in no problem ...

        If I login with pine, it goes straight through, no errors ...

        Doesn't appear to make a difference as to which browser is used,
that first login attempt will give me a 'User logged in', with a
subsequent 'badlogin:' error and kick me back out again ...

        Can anyone provide any insight or thoughts as to what it is that
I'm not seeing?  That I might have setup wrong?  My PHP config is viewable
at:, and I am running iwth cclient-2001a
compiled in ...


Thanks ...

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