Please ignore my question - I just figured it out. I had the method="post"
in the input type="submit" tag rather than in the form tag. It works!

However, if one has an HTML select/option menu scrolling list with multiple
selections, how does one get the number of values for the same name with
HTTP_POST_VARS? Or how does one scroll through the list of choices passed?



> Hi. I'm a newbie at this and am having problems understanding how this
> works.
> I have a form with method="post". The server program does display
> REQUEST_STRING as I expect (e.g., choice=yes but displaying
> HTTP_POST_VARS["choice"] is null). However, displaying
> HTTP_GET_VARS["choice"] does display "yes". Running phpinfo() displays
> that the REQUEST_METHOD = GET. Why is this GET and how do I get it set
> to POST? How do I get HTTP_POST_VARS to work since my form does have
> method="post"?
> Here are some php.ini settings (I'm running PHP 4.1.1 with Apache 1.3.22
> under Win98):
> variables_order = "EGPCS"
> register_globals = On
> register_argc_argv = On
> gpc_order = "GPC"
> Thanks...
> Eurico
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