Not really a php question, is it?  But what I would do is have two tables, 
a cdrom table and a keyword table.  Each cd in the cd table would have a 
cd_id, and then the keyword table could have two attributes, cd_id (foriegn 
key from cdrom table) and keyword.  Make the primary key for the keyword 
table be both of the fields, and then you'll be able to have as many 
keywords for each cd as you like.

Next time maybe ask on a database list though...


At 02:28 AM 2/8/2002 +0000, Arun K.V wrote:
>hello sir,
>   we are creating a cdrom database in
>    postgresql wherein we have cd rom titlename,author,year etc and keywords
>    as fields. we will store a set of keywords for each record. i want to know
>    how to enter those keywords in to database (whether to have comma between
>    keywords or plain) and code to search for keywords. i.e. if i enter a
>    keyword then it should search for that keyword in keyword field and
>    display result. keywords are strings an there will also be some
>    combinational search. i believe u will see to this and do the needful.
>    thanking you
>    with rgds
>    Arun
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