I had a similar requierment. When I searched for it, came to know about
APD ( Advanced PHP Debugger ) its a extension. We need to do some confs in
php.ini for this. APD is somewhat better in tracing stacks.

Try your best.

On Fri, 8 Feb 2002, Martin Towell wrote:

> I know this comes up again, and again, and I'm bringing it up again now :)
> There's been requests for a function that displays the current heirachy of
> calls
> I was just thinking about this - php must maintain a stack so that it knows
> what function to return to when another function exits, why can't something
> display this stack - or doesn't this stack contain that type of information?
> Is this the right mailing list - maybe I should have sent it to php-dev ???
> Martin

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