The way Google determines what language to use is by checking the
Accept-Language header which is added by your browser.

The value of this request header is stored automatically in the $_SERVER
array. Check with phpinfo() or print_r($_SERVER);

Although IP may be more reliable to determine the local language of the 
visitor's country, it may not at all be the *preferred* language of the visitor.

This way the user still has full control over what language is used through
browser settings.


On Fri, 8 Feb 2002 12:56:52 -0000, Jon Farmer wrote:

>One you have the IP you need to do a whois on the RIPE database to work out
>who the IP is assigned to and which country they are in.

>> I'm trying to find out what country the visitor comes from to offer them
>> suitable language (like does) but I haven't found a method
>> that works 100%. What I have come up with so far is to use
>> or
>> gethostbyaddr($REMOTE_ADDR)
>> Sometime I get domain which does the job (and that works) but often I
>> get just IP number which leaves me out in the cold. Is there any other
>> way to capture the visitors country?

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