Thank you!  Works.  I have a few more questions!  I am working on 
converting a program from perl to PHP as it is the new language of choice
at our office.

I have been using printf statements in perl to format data.  Is there a 
similar funtion in php?  Here is an example from the perl program:

printf NEW      ("%-5.5s",$fields[14]);

This will print exactly 5 characters, I also use this format to make sure
the lines are exactly 255 characters long:

printf NEW      ("%-193.193s");

Is there something similar in php.  Thanks for everyone's help and 


On Fri, 8 Feb 2002, Jerry Verhoef (UGBI) wrote:
> $aFile=file(<FILENAME>);
> //$aFile[0] contains the unwanted line
> echo $aFile[1]; // displays line 2
> echo $aFile[n]; // displays line n where n is an positieve interger and not
> greater then the number of lines in the file

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