Thanks for the response, but those are just like $DOCUMENT_ROOT, they provide paths in 
the server, I need what is showing up as the URL in the browser - i.e. - or if there is no domain, to give me the IP.

any ideas? I can't seem to piece it together with the info from phpinfo() either.

It's so aggravating because the value of what I'm looking for is right on screen, but 
I can't get the php to notice!


My response for those vars was:
$SCRIPT_NAME: /cgi-bin/php4.cgi
$SCRIPT_FILENAME: /u/httpd/cgi-bin/php4.cgi

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> Hi all,
> How can I get the full URL of the currently running script? 
> $DOCUMENT_ROOT is not what I need, instead I need the url (be it 
> domain if exists, or ip if not).  $SERVER_NAME works but if a 
> domain isn't paired with the server, I could get some useless 
> information (right?).



For more details


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