Thanks for the confirmations Torben.

> > Can one code user-defined functions nested within one another
> Yes.
> > - and repeatedly execute them?
> No. ;)
> This is correct. As you know, the thing is that execution keeps running
> into that function declaration every time the containing function is
> run, tries to declare the function, and fails. Essentially: while you
> *can* do nested functions in PHP, don't. :) There really isn't any good
> reason to, anyway--except for (perhaps) a wee bit of namespace
> clarification.

Namespace clarification is exactly what I had in mind - I am post-processing the n=0, 
1, >1 results from a
preg_match_all() and figured that array_walk() would be faster than for{$i...} or 
foreach(). However learning
that array_walk() demanded use of a function, that implied that my 'modular' function 
would have to call a
(short) second to suit the command structure - thus the logic that nesting would 'keep 
things together' in
reuse/restructure situations.

[As you will appreciate, the "test bed" code was almost directly out of the manual, 
and was only being used so
that I could experiment/get my head around the command/and thereafter test the 
efficiency criteria]

I thought I would ask, if only because other languages, even interpreted languages, do 
cope with this
situation - but as you say, it is not a show-stopper
- a possible case for FUNCTION_once name() as per REQUIRE and INCLUDE?

Thanks again,

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