On 10 Feb 2002, at 14:30, Liam MacKenzie wrote:

> I have a form, with 196 fields that I need entered into a database.
> But the form and it's contents need to be changed every day, and I

That distracts me. Does the form change? I think not. It looks like 
a data entry form and the only thing that would change would be 
the DATE. I would think the form remains the same. I did not notice 
any hidden field to indicate the date though.

> need to store the old data in an archive so it can be accessed at a
> later date.

Me, in a hurry, I'd just store one more column in your table: DATE. 
I don't see it. I add that. When they want a previous date they just 
say select all where date = date they want.  

> That means that after a week, I'm going to have a tonne of data.

Umm ... this seems to indicate that maybe the form does change 
??? I'm thinking maybe you might have different users. If so I'd add 
a userid column. 

> Catch is, this form will be used every day for about 3 years.
> I'm pretty certain MySQL can handle it, but I need to know, what
> would be the best way to store this data?

There might be better ways to store the data but I don't usually 
think about those things. I'd ask some old fogey who worked in the 
days of 640K :) ... seriously  ... but I think you'll end up going to 
trouble for no reason. Memory, storage is cheap. A friend was 
moaning that his app was slow (plain cgi/perl so I suggested 
mod_perl/fastcgi) and they just threw a hardware upgrade and all 
was well (but imho should still do mod_perl/fascgi).

> I've set up a calendar, that will take the user to a different version
> of the form every day. Accesible here:

I don't see the reason for a "different version" of the form for every 
day. Isn't the date the only difference?

> http://www.fernwoodwhc.com/shit/calendar.php And the form I'm talking
> about is here: http://www.fernwoodwhc.com/tech.php

Well about how you would do it. It seems that PHP is in many 
ways like the old one form, one cgi method of development. Were I 
you I would not make my connection to the database in that script. 
I'd do that in only one place. Odd how things tend to evolve and 
before you know it you have 232 scripts all using 
username/password/db/host and then you want to change that.  I'd 
look at something like metabase were I you.



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