Most unusual indeed. The quick/ugly solution is to trim() the incoming $clientID.
But that's not appropriate if you expect valid entries starting with a space (well,
two spaces in your case) :)

Gotta hit the sack now - check out the time over here! :)


Brad Wright wrote:

> Bogdan,
> It appears that $clientID is saved with a space at the start .. when i check
> for its value (using session_encode() ) it gives that value " test 3" when
> it should be "test 3".
> <input type="hidden" name="XclientID" value="<?php echo
> $row["clientID"];?>">
> this is the extract form the form on the previous page which sets $clientID.
> I am sure that a space is being added but cant find where.
> Thanks for yr help,
> Brad

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