Linn Kubler wrote:
> I've setup an upload form for uploading files to my server.  It seems to
> work well except the performance is pretty sad.  For example it took 20
> minutes to upload a 50MB file over a 100Mb LAN.  This is running on Linux
> w/Apache.
> At the heart of the script is the copy() function.  Anyone have any
> suggestions how to boost performance on this script?  Or, at least explain
> why this is happening?
> Thanks in advance,
> Linn

First I would try to isolate the problem by removing the network
from the equation.

1. Try ftping or scp a file from the client machine to the server and the
note the difference between that and your script.
2. Comment out the  copy() line in your upload script to see if that
really make a difference.

3.  Add a timer to the script to see how long it actually takes to do it's

4  Run "top" and "free -m" in separate  terminals  to see how the server
is reacting to your script as it executes.

5. Try out Zend's debug server, it might be of some use in this situation.

Good luck.


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