Please forgive me if this has been covered before. I have searched the list 
and could not find reference to a similar problem.

I am completetly new to PHP and I am stuck. I am creating a very simple 
form. Essentially the user agrees or disagrees to a message. If the user 
agrees, they are sent to another form. It they disagree they are sent home.

My script works with Netscape and Opera but not Internet Explorer (ver 
6.0.2) and I cannot figure out why. As I said it is very simple and the 
relevant parts are displayed as follows:
<form method="post" action="agree.php>
I have read the terms and Agree <input type="checkbox" name="agree[]" 
value="agree"> I Do Not Agree <input type="checkbox" name="disagree" 
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit">
if ($agree)  /* (I have tried this also with ($isset = $agree))  */
{ header ("location: ?link=form");
{ header ("location: /LETS");

As I said, this works fine with Netscape and Opera but not IE.
Any suggestions and/or advice is appreciated.


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