> I am seeking some thoughts on if this is the way I should tackle this
> problem.  I have two files, both of them tab delimited text files that I
> need to combine and then output a new file.
> My idea was to put both files in an array, calling the fields I need,
> i.e. $field[0], $field[1] and so on.  I need to loop through the entire
> file and output on each loop.
> My concern is the overhead by creating the array's.  Any thoughts.

A justifiable concern.

You don't mention HOW the files are to be combined, so it is reasonable to assume that 
there is no criteria. It
is also assumed that each file is 'complete' in its format (else you might need to 
insert something specifically
'between' the contents of the two original files to make the data 'flow' as a single 

There is no need to use arrays/cycle through the data twice, at all - such would be an 
'overhead'. Take a look

Open fileA to write-append
Open fileB
Read chunk of fileB
Write chunk to fileA
  until have dealt with entire file
Close fileA
Close fileB

The "chunk" bit could be binary and it could be done all in one read, depending upon 
expected file sizes.

If by "new file" you mean that it must be a third file and have a different name to 
the two input files, then
you will need to modify the above, to open a fileC for output, and perform one 
filecopy for each of files A&B.


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