No Renze,
        what I really want is in the calling php file itself I want to get the IP

Say some test.php..I call this file like

I want to get in test.php file itself.

I think parse_url will help me. But I don't know how to pass the current URL
itself to test.php file.

Thanks in advance

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Hi there,

I just found out I probably sent you the wrong answer to your
question. What I sent you was how to get the IP-address of the user
of your website. But you want to get the IP-address of some URL? So
you want the IP of a website?
I think it should be something like:

if (preg_match ("#^([^:]*://){0,1}[^/]+#", $the_url, $matches)) {
  $base_url = $matches[1];
  $the_ip = gethostbyname($base_url);
} else {
  // Oops... no base URL!
---[end of php-code]---

I must tell you, though, that I just typed this in this email. I
have never use this, and I haven't tested this. So it might need
some finetuning and stuff. But I guess it's a good start for solving
your problem.

Let me know...


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