Ok guys,
I've been pondering over setting up a free PHP/SQL
hosting service for some time now, but never really
actually done it.

It looks like just the mention of it got some seriously
positive feedback, so I'm keen to actually do it
properly.  But...

I need some help with security.  With a bit of luck
you'll all understand where i'm coming from.  This
is my personal system too, and I don't particularly
wish for someone "test script" to go awfully wrong
and wipe my entire webserver!
That would put me out of business for quite a while!

If there's anyone out there who's good with this
kind of thing, PLEASE email me because I'd love
to get this hosting system going!

I'd also like to provide shell access, but at the moment
that is way way way out of the question.  I'm
not the most experianced person in Linux, and
handing out Shell access at the moment is not wise.

But with your help, I can provide you all with these 
services, free of charge and advertising!

If you're willing to help, please email me!

Thank you!
- Lum

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