> Hello, I am running only php with apache on a OSX 10.1.2 machine, in my
> apache error log, I have some odd lines in there....
> statfs failed because: No such file or directory
> Here is a summarization of where I am at now....
> First I did a grep -r 'statfs\ failed' /
> To see if any files on the entire apache server had that line in it, if it
> did, I could see where any why it was reporting this to to apache log,
> nothing showed up.
> I thought maybe it was in a binary and I would not be able to read it with
> grep, so off to download the source :-)
> Got source on Perl, Php, Apache
> Grepped out all those, and nothing at all either.
> I ran tail on the error_log while watching the site requests, and I saw
> nothing that corresponds with the lines in the error logs.
> Generally, a apachectl graceful, will restart the server, and then, in about
> 15 seconds, I get 4 lines in the error_log
> statfs failed because: No such file or directory
> statfs failed because: No such file or directory
> statfs failed because: No such file or directory
> statfs failed because: No such file or directory
> Then nothing for a while, maybe 5 minutes, then a few more, sometimes more
> than 4, sometimes less.
> Had a few friends look into their error logs, all on OSX 10.1, and they also
> are having this as well.  I am going to make a guess here, all apple OSX
> boxes are going to have this, any ideas where to go next?

If you do man statfs, you'll see that it is a function to return 
statistics on a mounted filesystem. [NB I am not a C programmer!] That 
being the case,it's probably called through a header file, rather than in 
the actual code of whatever. It might be that apache is attempting to 
determine whether a non-essential file exists, and hsppily going on its 
way after finding that the file isn't there? 

[Guessing here - corrections from knowledgable persons welcome] I can't 
check statfs without rebooting this thing into Linux, but I'd hazard a 
guess that the error message you are getting is returned by statfs, as 
there is no log level in the message; apache error log entries seem to 
have levels like [notice], [warn] etc.

So if it is just apache checking for the existence of something, I would 
venture to say that it might be nothing to worry about, _if_ everything 
else is working OK.

David Robley
Temporary Kiwi!

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