I just saw something with my code there.. i have my <link tag inside the
title tag.. i will have to fix that :)


Jason Whitaker

"Jason Whitaker" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
: Is there a way to set a variable or is there a function that takes the
: information between the title tags and prints to the screen where you
: command?
: ei:
: //<head>
: //<title>
: // <?php
: // echo "<?witakr home?>
: // ?>
: //
: //<LINK REL=stylesheet HREF="css/sCSS.css" TYPE="text/css">
: //</title>
: //</head>
: where as i would want the word "home" from the echo "<?witakr home?>" (or
: what ever word that may be in place of the word home) to print to say.. a
: certain place in the body of the page?
: Jason Whitaker

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