You could do it a number of ways.
1. Use a hidden input field in your form,. <input type="hidden" name="some_var" 
value="<? echo $some_var; ?>">
2. Put $some_var in a session variable.
3. Pass the value of some_var in the url.

Each has it's advantages/disadvantages. Just remember that just because you say 
something is global doesn't mean it's global to every page, it's global on that page. 
global can be used as follows:

        $var = 1;
        function dude() {
                global $var
                print "Dude that's a $var";

If I didn't specify global $var inside the function the function wouldn't be able to 
"see" the $var variable I defined outside the function and would have just printed 
"Dude that's a " instead of "Dude that's a 1"

Hope that helps.

On 12 Feb 2002 at 17:22, Tehn Yit Chin wrote:

> Hi all,
> If I have the following code,
> <?php
>       global $some_var
> <FORM action="next_page.php" method="post">
>       type="submit" name="submit" value="foobar">
> </FORM>
> ?>
> When the user hits the submit button, the value in some_var disappears? Is
> there a way of perserving the value in $some_var.
> thanks in advance.
> cheers,
> Tehn Yit
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