Hi guys,

I have assembled an XML file, encrypted it and now ready to pass it to an
outside server.

$encryptedXML file contains encrypted value of an XML file

How can I send the XML-(URL encoded) within the HTTPS-POST. The reason for
sending the cleartext XML URL encoded is to allow for the special characters
such as '<'  and '>' to be sent across the HTTP protocol.
        $msgToBePosted = <<<EOD
        <form method='POST'
        <input type=hidden name=PARAMS value=$encryptedXMLFile>

Do you know how can I POST the above $msgToBePosted? 
Basically, I want to pass the above form to the
https://alpha.server.com/test/DeliverReg/default.asp, the value must be
hidden, having name=PARAMS and value=$encryptedXMLFile

Thank you,
Leon Zilber
HP Internet Operation R&D Lab
phone: 973.443.78.82

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