I must be lucky or something, 'cause the place that hired me basically 
said, "we're developing this, you're coding it, get it done." I was 
actually told that we'd be going with PostgreSQL and not MS SQL or Oracle 
or whatever, which was cool to begin with, but the rest of the details (web 
server platform, etc.) were left up to me.

So I kind of went with PHP right off the bat because I needed something 
that lent itself to quick coding. I had never really developed much in PHP 
before hand, but now we've got enough lines of PHP code to choke a camel. 

Last week I looked at some VBScript/ASP code that I kind of need to port to 
PHP. I was mortified.


Erik Price wrote:

> I suppose that's a matter of opinion.  One thing's for sure:  where I
> work, ASP is the "official" scripting language.  If my boss really knew
> the difference, I'd have to use ASP instead.  I get around it by not
> bringing the subject up and by keeping my head down.
> I was talking with John "Maddog" Hall last week and he shared another
> story of some guys he knew (back in the mid-90s) who had the same
> situation as me -- they basically were told to set up a server.  No
> other instructions.  So they set up a Linux box, recognizing its virtues
> and technical prowess.  When Maddog asked them what their boss thought
> about that, they sheepishly replied that he didn't know -- they figured
> they'd wait a YEAR before telling him so that they'd have a good point
> if it came down to an argument.
> Much as I'd love to evangelize my open source philosophy and the merits
> of my Linux/MySQL/PHP installation, it's going to have to wait until I'm
> done with this project.
> Erik

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