Maybe setting up a proprietary request including a predefined hashed 
(md5) value, for example?


Kevin Stone wrote:

>I have a growing list of simple PHP scripts which we allow our client's
>to use on their websites.  These are email scripts, postcard scripts,
>event calendars, statistics tracking, etc...  For maintenance and
>upgrade purposes we host the scripts in a single location our main
>account then allow our clients to link to them through forms or hotlinks
>(or whatever method the script calls for).
>What is the best way of going about securing these publicly accessible
>scripts so that only our client's websites have access to them without
>having to "gain" access via a login method, or publicly viewable
>I could record their IP and passing all requests through a check script,
>then redirect to the desired module.  But IP addresses can change, be
>spoofed, or be confused by proxy servers.  We're taking on new clients
>every week so I'd like to come up with something more reliable.
>Ideas, links, tutorials, books.. any information will be appreciated.
>Kevin Stone
> <> 

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