don't know about the other questions, but the answer to #2 should be
available running
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>  Subject:   How do I check GD version?
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> Cheers all...
> This mail got rather long, so here are my 3 questions in a short
> version:
> 1) What is GD? (fore use with imagecopyresampled function)
> 2) How can I run a function that will tell me what version of GD is
> installed on my server, if any version at all?
> 3) Anyone know of some good hosts out there which has got all of this
> under
> control? (basically people who has a clue about what they're doing)
> ====================
> Hello Torkil
> I face same problem. I tried to make a thumbnail function by analyzing
> directly string of image, but this is not single task, specially for JPG
> images. I also buy my site and pay monthly, but I prefer no to trust on
> GD and other features because these people who sell sites often change
> PHP features and disables/enables apache / mysql / php parameters
> crashing entirely my sites. Then to convince them that they should
> restart disabled features pass some weeks. My customers don't want to
> know about these problems.
> I still dream some clever people (and charitative one!) already
> developed a function like $mythumb =
> thumbnail($image,new-size,new-size)  then $mythumb will carry binary
> string for image (no file names of course because my images are stored
> into blob fields), and I hope someday to discover these function.
> I often search for some C++ routine, so it could be translated to PHP,
> but also none found.
> It appears this dream is over. I will continue to work in this problem
> as longer as I can.
> Thanks
> Mig
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